15-minute city talk & ‘Walking Meeting’ at European Young Leaders 40 Spring Seminar in Paris ‘Extremities’

Talking about quality of life, urbanism, mobility & the 15-minute city concept.

Gathered here are some photos from my talk at the EYL40 European Young Leaders Spring Seminar 2024 in Paris titled ‘Extremities’ last month.

What a fantastic group to engage with- so many inspiring and interesting young leaders from across Europe gathered and a great honor to be able to speak on these topics that I am so passionate about, for the benefit of our societies.

During my talk on the 15-minute city concept related to urban resilience and quality of life, we posted the above question on Slido.

‘What is your level of familiarity with the 15-minute city concept?’

Response Options:

•I am extremely familiar with the concept and working with it in my community

•I am well-read on the concept

•I have some awareness of the concept but could learn more

•I have never heard of it before

It was exciting to learn that I was interfacing with a dynamic group of young European leaders, some of whom are actively working with the concept of proximity planning in their communities, some of whom were curious to learn more, and some of whom were hearing about it for the first time.

I always center issues of spatial equity when discussing this concept related to proximity planning, quality of life and essentially healthy urbanism. These concepts should not be primarily manifest in or catered towards areas of ‘privilege’ but rather all urban communities.

I believe some of the most challenging work ahead may be figuring out (with sensitivity to diverse local contexts), how to cultivate the concept within communities that are lacking it the most.

Thank you to Catherine Arod-Gall, Carlos Moreno and Nathalie Furrer for the opportunity!

Great to share this session as well with Florent Pratlong at Chaire ETI and head out afterward with many of the young leaders for a walking adventure in the city to observe some fantastic public spaces!

Visit link below for a peek into the walk….