15-Minute city walking meeting: ‘Extremities’ Paris

Here are some photos I snapped during the walking part of the 15-minute city session at EYL40 European Young Leaders Paris-

Read more about the talk below that we held before heading out on the city-immersive adventure at the link above.

We took 2 metro rides (an adventure in itself to hop on the metro with many fellow conference goers and organizers) to Parc Clichy-Batignolles – Martin Luther King.

It was gorgeous, brisk early Spring weather, and the park was totally activated: multiple groups of kids playing ball, a hopping, and well-designed playground, buzzing skate park, basketball court, kids riding scooters everywhere, adults exercising, mothers relaxing with their babies, and more.

I observed aspects of accessibility (ramps) as well as a substantial water feature, which several fellow conference attendees pointed out as important, noting that in their home cities, water features are often an element absent from public space.

I saw signs for public toilets as well but did not investigate. Also in the immediate area were diverse eateries, shops, many residential buildings and plentiful seating areas. I saw signs for public toilets (regret not investigating).

Truly a highlight and exemplary public space!!

Also, and perhaps most importantly (and as several fellow conference attendees I was walking with also observed), the park’s atmosphere didn’t feel tourist-heavy or like an attraction but very local and’ normal’.

Photos from March 22nd walking meeting at European Young Leaders Paris Seminar: Extremities