Workshop: Walkability as Catalyst for Intersectional Climate Justice

February 22, 2024

Come join us for a workshop with Annika Lundkvist, FSI of Pedestrian Space and Radha RH of (our) Parking Magazine hosted by the Society of Gender Professionals.

This interactive workshop will explore walking habits, pedestrian environment and sustainable transit for an everyday intersectional climate activism.

The program is as follows:

Radha RH of (our) Parking and our Press presents the Indian Voices of Walkability Book Project

Presentation by Annika Lundkvist, FSI Lundkvist of

Brainstorm Session: Best Practices & Barriers of Walkability in Your Community

Discussion: Identity & Access to the City

Exercise: Pandemic Time Travel Session

22nd January 2024 at 1930 IST

Register at the following link to receive the zoom invite link!