Call for Abstracts: Urban & Community Agriculture

The topic of urban and community agriculture connects to a diverse range of relevant and crucial themes in 21st-century sustainable and resilient urban development. 

I am in dialogue with Springer Nature on a book project on urban and community agriculture featuring case studies from around the world. 

In the context of this book, urban and community agriculture is inclusive of (but not limited to):

  • community supported agriculture (CSA’s)
  • school gardens
  • hospital gardens
  • community and neighborhood gardens
  • educational gardens
  • rooftop gardens
  • community supported agriculture (CSA’s)
  • urban farms

Chapters can include best practices, case studies and exploration of how community agriculture can: 

  • Improve food literacy
  • Mitigate food insecurity
  • Boost psychological and social resilience in community
  • Benefit local environment and diverse species

Also of interest in submissions are explorations of how urban governance can support the establishment and development of urban and community agriculture.

*Please note: For various reasons, this book will not feature sites and initiatives that rear animals in the city for food. Please respect this editorial decision as a criterion for this specific volume when you submit.


150-200 words


Chapters are expected to be a minimum of 12 pages in length. Authors are encouraged to include original figures and color photographs.

Please submit abstracts to

by March 8, 2024

-Annika Lundkvist, Founder at Pedestrian Space