Transformations along the Toronto Waterfront

By Carlos Ruiz

Photo: Carlos Ruiz

I went for a long run along the Toronto waterfront today and I ended up at Sugar Beach in the East Bayfront area. This area has been undergoing a transformation from an industrial to a commercial and residential neighborhood and has seen big investments from the city and developers.

Photo: Carlos Ruiz

It was interesting to see how new commercial and residential buildings coexist with a really nice and well-kept public space that includes a big park, a beautiful tree line path along the lake and an actual beach, Sugar Beach, built in 2010.

Photo: Carlos Ruiz

There are many businesses and even a college and a university and is clear that priority is given to the people that use those public spaces. It’s a good example of a mixed-use sustainable neighborhood in the heart of Toronto.

Carlos is an avid walker and cycling enthusiast based in Toronto, Canada. With a background in Political Science and teaching, he believes walkable cities play a vital role in the development of local economies, the environment and public health as well as contributing to the strengthening of democratic values. Carlos is a strong advocate of changing the car-centric culture of North America and strongly believes in education as the most important tool for positive change.

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