Pedestrian Space is excited to kick off this ‘Toilet Equity’ Roundtable series to create a space for international dialogue on the issues of public toilet access and maintenance in cities across the world. We are committed to and passionate about raising ‘Civic Sanitation Awareness’ through dialogue and local investigation.

This Roundtable was co-hosted on November 15, 2022 by Perth-based Karen Lee and Warsaw-based Annika Lundkvist. All participants (from Scotland, India, Australia, Poland, Spain, and Iran) were able to share some of their reflections on what the situation is like with public toilet access and conditions in their communities.

We also were able to engage in these Jamboard screens (thanks to Karen for introducing Jamboard as an aspect to the session!) and more.

Two questions posed by co-host Karen Lee at Pedestrian Space ‘Toilet Equity’ Roundtable on November 15, 2022 – ‘What’s right in your city’ (regarding public toilet access) and ‘What’s wrong in your city?’.

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