Teaterplan, Örebro

TEATERPLAN: Before & After

This is a public space in Örebro, our current city of residence, that just underwent a major redesign and renovation.

Teaterplan before

I spent some time this week digging in my photo files for a ‘before’ photo and despite having taken 1000’s of photos in this city, the above was the only photo I could find of this particular space pre-renovation.

Why? Because it was always an area to simply pass through. Though it has a lovely castle and water view, the space itself was nondescript and did not welcome spending time or attention.

Post-renovation, the absolute opposite is true. Within 24 hours of the area being open to the public, we had visited multiple times to relax or engage in play with the water features and swing. The inclusive aspect of the renovation is clear- with all ages and people moving in different ways regularly engaging with the area.

It is truly incredible what a thoughtful and quality renovation of a public space can do in terms of engagement, public use and adding vibrance to the area.

The above photo I snapped facing the castle and in the below photo I am standing at the other end of the square with the castle behind my back. Now the space invites people to sit, meet for a snack or conversation, delight in a little water play, swing or just relax and enjoy the view. What a wonderful investment in public space!