Talk at Politechnika Opolska

This month I’m excited to be hosting my first university-based talk (also to include a workshop) at Politechnika Opolska. Thank you to Marcin Spyra for the invitation and looking forward as well to meeting and taking a walk together!

2023 has already been a year of several firsts for me including my first university-based workshops- one at Warsaw University of Technology and two at University of Warsaw last month. Those workshops were for students from a mix of disciplines including Architecture, Urban Planning, Spatial Management and Territorial Foresight as well as other departments. Thank you to Małgorzata Hanzl, Michał Stokowski and Jakub Majewski for invitations & support in coordinating those experiences.

My workshops and talks are broadly about issues of urban mobility, with a focus on walkability, my dissertation topic. I also cover issues of mobility choice and decision, spatial equity as well as discussing the 15-minute city concept in relation to quality of life and residential satisfaction.

Dr. Majewski, who hosted me for a workshop with students at a ‘Transportation & Mobility‘ Debate seminar at Centrum Europejskich Studiów Regionalnych i Lokalnych EUROREG noted: “The workshop is part of modern thinking about urban space. About climate and social challenges. Both officials and transport researchers often overlook pedestrian transport. This is why the workshop & the conclusions developed from it are particularly valuable for building a diagnosis and assessment of the needs of city dwellers, neighborhoods and local communities.

I greatly value being able to engage students and faculty from a range of disciplines and institutes in these experiences.

If you are interested in hosting me for a talk and/or workshop at your university course or department, please write to