Public Transit Roundtable: Getting to Know Systems in Your Region

On October 22nd, 2022 we had a ‘Public Transit Roundtable’ for the Global Walkability Correspondents Network.

The Roundtable was unrecorded but towards the end we did this recorded bit in which participants were asked about the value they found in such sessions- sharing about their own systems and commutes as well as learning about others.

An excerpt from a Public Transit Roundtable for the Global Walkability Correspondents Network ‘Getting to Know Your Systems’ In this excerpt, we learn more from participants about the value they find in sharing about their public transit systems and learning about others.

We have had several Public Transit Roundtables in the Network and this one was focused on ‘Getting to Know Systems in Your Region’.

Led by Kandy and Colombo-based Divantha Ekanayake and with participants Piacenza-based Fabiola Mogrovejo and London & Cádiz-based Alan Lacey Raposo, all present shared about:

1) Types of transit choices in their area and their effectiveness

2) Whether they prefer to commute by public transit for their daily commutes and why

3) The biggest three issues when it comes to the effectiveness/comfort of using public transit in their area

I think public transit is the silver bullet of urban planning. It is the backbone of the city.

-Divantha Ekanayake
Tram stop and lanes in Milano
Tram stop and lanes in Milano
Divantha shares about the system and his commute in Kandy & Colombo, Sri Lanka
Fabiola shares about the system & her commute in Piacenza, Italy
Alan shares about the system & his commute in London, England
Cádiz, Spain // Photo by Alan Lacey Raposo
London, England // Alan Lacey Raposo