Parenting, Playgrounds & the City

How many playgrounds are within 5-15 minute walking distance of your home? If you are a parent or caregiver to young children, you probably know the number immediately! 

It’s human nature that we navigate our environment according to our needs, which of course can change through the span of our lives.

Scandinavian city planning does well in ensuring quality play environments in neighborhoods. We have 4 public playgrounds within a 15 minute walk of our central city home. In the suburbs there are extensive play environments including often within residential complexes (also common in the city).

On a semi-related note- I read an article this morning over my coffee that LinkedIn is adding ‘stay-at-home mom’ as a role. Shout out to fellow stay at home parents as well as those ‘pandemic parenting’, managing working at home while also taking care of their children & sometimes also schooling-from-home needs.

All professional gigs I’ve had as well as projects I’ve done over the last several years, I’ve done parallel to stay-at-home parenting. When you’re in it or have done it years ago, you know what I’m talking about!

Thankful for the multiple play environments we have within walking distance of our home. They are basic & essential community features.

-Annika Lundkvist, Founder at