Mobility Shift & Autumn Ahead

I think an important part of the sustainable mobility shift is also about amplifying the practical (sometimes passionate) voices 
of those who are already relying on sustainable modes for their daily movement. Through our activities at Urban Transit Lab we will be doing precisely that!

I know supporting modal shift to sustainable modes is also critical and through my activities at Pedestrian Space as well as PhD research, I am always interested in the shift that needs to occur at the systematic, spatial and regulatory levels as well as culturally to facilitate this.

This Autumn is looking very exciting. Along with local collaborators I am coordinating 3 more Walking labs in my research case study area, hosting the 1st GWCN: Global Walkability Correspondents Network retreat here in Warsaw, launching our 1st two partnered projects at Urban Transit Lab (1 with Warsaw Public Transit Authority and 1 with Mobilise VUB in Brussels) and delivering my 1st guest lecture on walkability at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at Lund University &wrapping up my PhD field work & more. I’m also excited that at GWCN: Global Walkability Correspondents Network we will also begin supporting the development of local chapters, inspiring & supporting network members in their journey to host local walks & activities.