Holistic Communication & Approach to Sustainable Urbanism & Mobility

I founded Pedestrian Space in May 2020 as a space for media, research and advocacy on walkability and sustainable urbanism. Since that time, a lot has happened including beginning my PhD research in Warsaw (Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences) on issues of walkability in the city as well as assessing the reality of the 15-minute city concept as manifest at the neighborhood level via my case study.

Through this research, I have also developed my 1st Walking Lab, a collaborative project involving a local stakeholder focused on a formerly monofunctional business district’s transformation to a liveable urban quarter. I look forward to being able to develop many more walking labs with different themes and community neeeds.

Co-founding Urban Transit Lab earlier this year has also been an exciting development. I believe that storytelling about sustainable mobility (from the city inhabitants’ perspective) is part of the key for accelerating the mobility paradigm shift to more sustainable modes.

Through all my projects and work, I have no interest in vilifying our villainizing drivers. However, I will always speak clearly against aggressive, reckless driving behavior and car dependence as a severe societal problem as well as an extreme threat to environmental well-being.

I need to be able to keep the tables I collaboratively work at with others open to those new to themes of walkability and ready to learn more about the need to shift the mobility paradigm (that readiness is key and sometimes needs a nudge).

I’m pictured below with my ‘Farfar’ (grandfather) in the early 80’s in Florida when he visited us. We would also see him every summer when we traveled to my fatherland (Sweden) & though I could not speak Swedish at the time and he could not speak English well, we always had a peaceful and lovely time together.

Photo: My Farfar & I, photographed by my father

It was also on those summer visits to Skåne that the foundation for my basic understanding of the benefits of walkable communities and quality, accessible public transportation was formed.

I have been offered my 1st guest lecture job in this very region (Lund University). Life is full of moments, many of which we forget, but the weaving of these personal & professional memories in time & place is truly special for me.

Are you interested in collaborations and potential partnerships with Pedestrian Space or Urban Transit Lab? Interested in my urban mobility workshops or lectures for your course, institute or business?

Email: info@pedestrianspace.org