Industrial Placement: Yujie

Welcoming Bristol-based Yujie to Pedestrian Space for her summer Dissertation: Industrial Placement & Written Element unit!

Originally from China, Yujie is a student in the MA Film and TV program at the School of Arts at the University of Bristol, with whom Pedestrian Space has collaborated to offer student placements.

Yujie responded to the placement offer for Pedestrian Space, expressing interest in our emerging work on community and urban agriculture. In her application, she noted that ‘This topic about agriculture aligns with my vision of filmmaking, which balances artistic expression with sustainable environmental development.

She noted that while researching placement options, she became very interested in the Pedestrian Space mission and our use of media to engage citizens in awareness, education, and action.

Regarding walkability, she noted that ‘every person should have the right to walk’ in their environment and that it is a vital dimension of community and quality of life.

Having already been involved in issues of food literacy via advocacy and education on organic farming, she was very interested in Pedestrian Space’s emergent commitment to urban and community agriculture as core themes of coverage and a vital aspect of resilience.

She expressed her intention to, via her placement and dissertation work, use media and storytelling as tools to convey information on the importance of healthy food and assert eating healthy as a human right.

Yujie will receive mentorship from Pedestrian Space Founder Annika Lundkvist during her placement time as she uses diverse media (interviews, film, photos) to explore and document local urban gardening and farming in Bristol

Welcome onboard at Pedestrian Space Yujie and thanks to the School of Arts!