Welcoming John as Urban Communicator

Welcome John Warren Tamor as Urban Communicator at Pedestrian Space. 👏

John is currently in a European Union scholarship-funded multi-city Masters program on Innovation, Transition & Sustainability. He reached out to me earlier this year in response to a call for participation in an underground space conference next year as well as general interest to collaborate at Pedestrian Space, also particularly in the context of Poznań, where he will be based and studying later this year.

We had our first talk this month and I am really happy to welcome John on at Pedestrian Space as Urban Communicator, a fitting role due to his background in development, communication and media.

John shared that it was during his later year in an undergrad program that he was in a participatory media class & his beat was on cities & urban issues. He began looking for projects that brought together participatory media & urban issues & found Pedestrian Space.

John also joins the GWCN: Global Walkability Correspondents Network and will be establishing a GWCN chapter with a focus on Universities.

This is really exciting, also as one of the topical and thematic-based Chapters. Via his chapter leadership and urban communication work at Pedestrian Space, he will be exploring topics such as university campuses as ideal model for cities, issues of commuting as well as gentrification in university towns and learning cities.

He will also be looking at how to integrate issues of 15-minute cities, walkability, mobility vs. accessibility vs. connectivity, mixed-use development, learning cities, smart cities, sharing economy to students of diverse disciplines.

He will be looking to establish some first ‘local’ activities in Poznań later this year so if you are based there and interested in collaboration please drop a message!

Welcome John! Looking forward to your developing thought leadership, advocacy and educational content and activities!