Mobility & Motherhood

Navigating cities with my first child (and the stroller) was my primary entry point into getting a bit deeper and more complex with issues of barriers to walkability (although back then I am not even sure I was familiar yet with walkability itself as a term).

I mix the professional and personal often when I post because they are incredibly interwoven for me. Issues of motherhood and mobility have shaped a lot of my thoughts on dimensions of accessibility and transport equity.

Also, in terms of the ‘professional and the personal’ I cannot count how many Zoom meetings I have conducted over the past few years while also tending to a pot of pasta for my kids! It is all mixed up for me and though messy at times, I have no complaints.

Pedestrian Space started as a simple Instagram account in 2020, leading to a deeper interest to return to academia to research walkability and urban resilience and most recently, establishing an NGO. Experiencing urban environments with my children has been a critical layer in my approach to issues of sustainable urbanism, ‘right to the city’ also play!

In a 1st discussion with new contact yesterday, she mentioned that she began following my content after seeing something I posted about motherhood, parenting and mobility work.

With content posted on diverse platforms, I do believe it is so vital to stay true to what you yourself feel compelled to share about.

I am so grateful that the content I share also connects people to me who enjoy these topics, can relate and want to explore collaborating further.

Photo: Adventuring in NYC in 2016 with my toddler son