Currently Reading: ‘Car-Sick’

Currently reading Car-Sick: Solutions for Our Car-addicted Culture, by Lynn Sloman

Chapter 1 holds this gem of insight (among many gems):

“...even the better engineers and urban designers need help to tackle the problem of car dependence. The problem is not just one of road design; it is also a problem of our own thoughtlessness. Driving has become the normal, habitual, expected means of transport, and other options are not even considered. Engineers cannot tackle this. The sort of people who might be able to tackle it- schooled in psychology and behavioural science, familiar with the techniques of marketing and advertising, skilled in the art of persuasion- are few and far between in local council transport departments and are employed on short-term contracts with little back-up.” -Lynn Sloman, ‘Car-Sick: Solutions for Our Car-addicted Culture (Green Books)