City as Lab: Warsaw

Approaching the ‘city as laboratory’ is the beating heart of my research!

The 15-minute city concept has also quite rapidly, during my first year as a PhD student, become a rather central focus in my research, survey material as well as workshops.

I’m planning for my 14th and 15th Warsaw-based workshops this Friday and Saturday. Both are new formats but build on so much I have learned and developed over the last several months.

Warsaw is a fascinating, very dynamic city to research issues of contemporary urban mobility, walkable urbanism and quality of life, with a focus on both best practices and challenges.

Now, off into the city with my son for a ‘living lesson’ on diverse public transit modes!

Warsaw’s public transit system is actually quite diverse and flexible. You really need to spend some time here to properly experience that, or commit to intensively exploring all the modes if you are on a short visit and want an authentic view of the system. There are trams, buses, subway and urban rapid rail that is a critical connector to many suburban areas.