Walkability culture, North American roots + Walkability + Mobility Justice Special Issue

I recorded the following video last week on #TransitEquityDay. I was visiting Southern California, the region I was raised, for the first time in almost 30 years.

It was a trip to be dipped back into a region of such intense car dominance, though I have to mention that I’ve experienced (and lived in) regions of heavy car dominance here as well in Europe.

It was pivotal to return to the beautiful part of the USA where I was raised and get a taste of the public transportation developments that have happened over the past few decades, get a glimpse of the pockets of walkability culture in diverse neighborhoods as well as experience the still reigning car dominance.

I also mention in the video how much the visit impacted me, wanting to get more engaged in the North American advocacy landscape. I’m also interested in connecting with various academic institutes and other organizations to shape education and awareness about walkability. I also know there is a sensitive need to cultivate walkability in communities with equity in mind – great urban walkability should not be a feature reserved for so-called ‚ privileged communities.

Please DM or email info@pedestrianspace.org if you would like to discuss collaboration.

I also talk here briefly about the special issue of Cities & Health journal on ‚Walkability & Mobility Justice’ that I will be lead guest editing. By the end of last month, I had put together my global and diverse guest editorial team. We will announce the call for submissions (which should all ultimately connect to aspects of urban health) by early June.

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Diagonal crosswalk in Carlsbad, California // Photo: Annika Lundkvist (January 2024)