Stockholm’s Pedestrian Plan

Source: Stockholm Pedestrian Plan, pg 16

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Stockholm is the second fastest growing city and urban region in Western Europe, with an annual population growth of two percent.

To maintain a satisfactory level of urban mobility, the proportion of pedestrians must remain high or preferably grow for the street space to cope with the population increase.

-Stockholm Pedestrian Plan, pg 7

In line with this intention, we share our first post highlighting a municipal pedestrian plan- Stockholm City’s Pedestrian Plan, developed as part of the city’s Urban Mobility Strategy which consisted of:

  • Cycling Plan
  • Pedestrian Plan
  • Freight Plan
  • Parking Plan
  • Transit Network Plan
  • Road Safety Programme
  • Other Future Plans
Urban Mobility Strategy of Stockholm City, Source: The Stockholm Pedestrian Plan
Cover of publication “Stockholm gångplan” -(pedestrian plan) To view the pdf visit: Stockholm gångplan

Stockholm has good conditions for walking. 38 percent of all journeys in the City of Stockholm take place on foot, which is a relatively high percentage compared to other European cities. Walking is most common in the central districts. In the inner city the proportion is nearly 54 percent, whereas in the outer districts it is 35 percent.

The reason for the uneven distribution may be because the inner city is generally more densely developed and multi-functional than the outer districts. Since desired innercity destinations are closer, more people are likely to walk.

Stockholm Pedestrian Plan, pg 4
Visit here to read the English version
Source: Stockholm Pedestrian Plan, pg 31

The Stockholm Pedestrian Plan also highlights in depth 10 Actions proposed for implementation of the plan including the implementation of “Living Stockholm” (Levande Stockholm – mentioned above) which we will also be covering more in depth here at Pedestrian Space.

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