Public Space: Ice Rink

This ice rink has been a great winter public space in our neighborhood this year. In warmer months it is a large fountain space that children love to play in. A few benches surround the area and in Summer months a vendor sets up a cafe at the square along with several seats and tables. Restaurants, shops and bars surround the square (and neighboring blocks).

The municipality’s role in ensuring this as a welcoming public space is critical. In warmer months, I regularly see muncipality workers hosing down the square in the morning hours and they also manage maintenance of the rink (free to use) in the Winter.

One thing we would love to see is a bit more diverse seating options but overall appreciate this public space and how the activity there changes through the seasons.

Within about 6 city blocks there are also two more main public squares, also with their own identities and features.

Photo: Annika Lundkvist, 2021