Network Facilitation & Growth: June Reflect

I knew in mid-May (2022) that I wanted to open up the Global Walkability Correspondents Network at Pedestrian Space to ‘radical growth’ – but what that meant I wasn’t entirely clear about quite yet and to be honest am still learning!

That said, June was a very busy month for network development. The June Newsletter was all about the birth of the network in January 2022 and the development of multiple working groups related to various aspects of walkable urbanism and community life.

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The Network currently has 81 members. In June I welcomed 17 people to the network- participants in Athens (Greece), 2 participants in Lisbon (Portugal), Bahrain, Tbilisi (Georgia), Halle (Germany), Sydney (Australia), a 3rd participant in Stockholm (Sweden), Louisville, KY (USA), 2 participants in Toronto (Canada), Saskatoon (Canada), Amritsar (India), Atlanta, GA (USA) and Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ (USA). I started off this month with welcoming a participant in Mashhad (Iran).

This global and emergent network has had a dynamic start and I’m excited to keep an experimental and flexible approach as facilitator, also with a mind on streamlining, developing structure & continuously learning how to sustain an international, multidisciplinary & growing network.

We also had 3 working groups introduced to the already dynamic list of working groups in the network:

•Urban Public Spaces Governance

•Media, Urbanism & Mobility

•International Urban Social Spaces Collaboration

In terms of regional groups, last month we also decided to establish a Francophone group; the India group grew with 2 new members; the Brazil group expanded to the Brazil + Portugal group & we had revived energy for the West Coast, USA group.

-Annika Lundkvist, Founder at Pedestrian Space