LJCDS Panel Talk: Value the Collective

Last week I took part in a panel talk hosted by none other than my alma mater La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS)!

This panel was part of four modules that LJCDS had planned for Citizenship Day, focused on the four pillars of ‘How to Citizen‘ by Baratunde Thurston who was the keynote speaker for the day.

The panel I was on focused on the pillar VALUE THE COLLECTIVE: “work towards outcomes that benefit the many–not just the few.

It was a truly engaging panel talk & I was honored to share about the media & advocacy I’ve been doing on issues of “walkability” via my work at pedestrianspace.org.

The theme of “Valuing the Collective” could not have been more appropriate to reflect on, as my work, at root, is for the collective.

Even when I share anecdotes and personal experiences here, there is a dimension of community wellness that I have in mind with the observations.

The issues at the heart of pedestrianspace.org have everything to do with Community & the Collective.

Also, I have to mention the genuine happiness I experience to connect with people all over the world working with or simply interested in issues of walkability, community health and sustainable urbanism. It makes my day – regularly!

Value the Collective
Panel talk for Citizenship Day at La Jolla Country Day School

The panel talk was beautifully hosted by LJCDS’s new Director of Diversity, Equity and Culture Jessica Heredia. Fellow panelists included Christina Abuelo, Founder of Barrio Botany; Walter Lam President & CEO, Alliance for African Assistance; Andrea Lopez-Villafana, Managing Editor for Daily News Voice of San Diego & Blair Overstreet, Community Organizer, The Center on Policy Initiatives.
It was inspiring to hear about the work of everyone on the panel!

Thank you to Jonathan Shulman and Susan Nordenger  (also a dear former teacher from my LJCDS middle school days) for welcoming me to this inspiring panel talk!

-Annika Lundkvist, Editor and Founder at ‘Pedestrian Space