Interview: Commuter Insight

As part of my ongoing research here in Warsaw, I’m doing a series of interviews with diverse local stakeholders, ‘city shapers’ and professionals with regards to issues of sustainable urbanism.

Most recently, I valued having the opportunity to interview Assistant Professor Tomasz Zaborowski. Outside of my list of formal questions, we got into a dialogue about his commute from the nearby city Radom. I mused that many people who live in Radom and work in Warsaw might just choose to go by car so I was curious what motivates him to go by train and public transit.

The ability to work and read during the commute are critical for him. He noted that a couple of years ago it was 2.5 hour commute. Now it is about an hour and 10 minutes commute so not long, but still enough time to work on things. He noted, “I like my time in the train because I can prepare my time for my lectures. I love it because I’m not wasting my time.

He noted that if he were commuting by car both ways he would get tired, which is also dangerous when operating a vehicle.

Environmental concerns are an obvious benefit, we discussed.

I work in the city center,” he noted. “To park my car here would be very costly in addition to the cost of fuel. I just cannot afford it as a public official.

He mentioned that he says to his students:
The worst thing is to go to school or work by car every day commuting. I like driving. I like to use my car when it is less convenient to walk, bike or use public transportation, not for every day commuting.

Thank you Tomasz for your time and insight!

If you opt to use public transit over car for a longer everyday commute, what are the benefits you experience?

📷 I’ve used an image I snapped inside a Warsaw metro station here as Tomasz mentioned switching over to metro from train once he is in the city to reach his final destination.