GWCN in August

August 2022 might have been a record month for welcoming new participants in the Global Walkability Correspondents Network at Pedestrian Space!

This month I welcomed new participants from countries across the world including Canada, Germany, Ethiopia, Poland, Belgium, India, Hungary, the Netherlands, USA, Indonesia and Colombia.

For some of these countries, it was the first Correspondent I welcomed into the Network. In other cases, the Correspondent joins a number of other fellow countrymen as we have growing geographic ‘hubs’ of Walkability Correspondents.

The Global Walkability Correspondents Network was founded in January 2022 as a space for people across the world who are interested in advocating for more walkable communities to connect. The Network spans many cultures and is highly disciplinary and also a place for knowledge sharing and collaborative learning on creating more walkable urbanism and livable cities.

Today the Network has 116 participants in 47 countries and 110 cities across the world in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australasia, the Americas and Asia.

Thank you for joining the Network this month to the following participants!

  • •Pallavi Deore (Aurangabad, India)
  • •Carlos Ruiz (Toronto, Canada / Bogotá, Colombia)
  • •Rizqi P. Riyandini (Pontianak, Indonesia)
  • •Nahom Teklu (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
  • •Anna Yukelson (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • •Felix John (Chennai, India)
  • •Anna P (Toronto, Canada)
  • •Hubert M. (Krakow, Poland)
  • •Steve Wright (Miami, FL, USA)
  • •Paulina Fried (Berlin, Germany)
  • •Audrey Owiti (Hasselt, Belgium)
  • •Agata J. (Warsaw, Poland)
  • •Dániel Szigeti (Wolfenbüttel, Germany / Budapest, Hungary)
  • •Annemarie Bergsma (Rijswijk & Den Haag, the Netherlads)
  • •Divantha Ekanayake (Kandy & Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  • •Bewket Sisay Melaku (Debre Markos, Ethiopia)
  • • Julius Uhlmann (Weimar, Germany)

-Annika Lundkvist, Founder at Pedestrian Space