GWCN Featuring Vanny Mwamba

Global Walkability Correspondents Roundtable featuring Vanny Mwamba of Urban Hikers (My 2023)

Global Walkability Correspondents Network session featuring Vanny K Mwamba of Urban Hikers. What a fantastic presentation as well as rich interaction afterwards- during which a very exciting idea for network activity was also born….

Thank you Vanny! We loved hearing about the work & activities of Urban Hikers & look forward to collaborating more.

Vanny Mwamba is native from (Congo DRC), and a process engineer at Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati USA), and a passionate advocate for walking. He founded Urban Hikers to promote walking for health and community building and serves as the organization’s Chief Hike Evangelist. Vanny also produced a long-form documentary called Why We Walk, which explores the cultural and scientific benefits of walking. His goal is to inspire people to make walking a part of their daily lives.