Friday Feature Artist & Advocate: Jonathon Stalls

Talking with Walking Artist Jonathon Stalls of Intrinsic Paths and Pedestrian Dignity!!!

In this talk we explore:

  • Jonathon’s 242 day walk across the USA in 2010 and experience of the lived reality of being a pedestrian in so many different environments and landscapes
  • His commitment to using creativity to invite people to move the way they were meant to for community, connection, health and more
  • Becoming a creative advocate, particularly for those for whom walking and rolling is their primary mode of movement often in environments dominated by decades of car-centric culture and planning
  • Pedestrian Dignity as an impact storytelling framework for the lived experiences and stories of people moving around their communities as pedestrians
  • His book WALK: Slow Down, Wake Up, and Connect at 1-3 Miles Per Hour (and hint of a UFO story in the pages….)
  • Discussing walking as a form of medicine, practice, processing complex projects, relationships, letting go, main form of transportation & more
  • The world of benefit – what we are often missing out on- that sometimes gets lost in the fight for more human-centric places
  • The collective he founded Walk2Connect and work hosting ‘Walk and Roll’ events

We also did a Denver City Walkability Rating. Jonathon’s scores for Denver today:

Cycling: 6

Walkability: Downtown core- 7 // Arterial area -2

Public Transit: 5

Intrinsic Paths, art by Jonathon Stalls
Photo by Jonathon Stalls

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Jonathon Stalls
Intrinsic Paths, art by Jonathon Stalls
Intrinsic Paths, art by Jonathon Stalls
Intrinsic Paths, art by Jonathon Stalls
Preorder WALK by Jonathon Stalls here

Jonathon Stalls 🏳️‍🌈 is a Walking Artist who spent 242 days walking across the United States in 2010 and has continued to move alongside thousands of people for thousands of miles. His artwork currently moves in the realms of pen and ink drawing, writing and poetry, storytelling with the Pedestrian Dignity campaign, economic and racial justice organizing, meditative practice, and creating/scouting long-distance walking routes. He founded Founded Walk2Connect in 2012, and is the author of the book, WALK – Slow Down, Wake Up & Connect at 1-3 Miles per Hour.

Visit Jonathon’s site online at Pedestrian Dignity & at Intrinsic Paths

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