Advocating for Walkability

How can people advocate for walkability in their community? 

This is a question recently posed to us that we will be bringing into more focus with our content.

Some ideas we have to begin with:

  • Find like-minded people in your community, who are also passionate about walkability and constructive advocacy for change.
  • Establish a local group- it could be a formal community group with mobility issues in focus or something like a  virtual group or local meet-up used to gather momentum and develop connections.
  • Communicate with local city/community planning office. Change requires cooperation across the spectrum and finding allies in local planning could be critical as well as developing a rapport with and voicing concerns to the municipality.
  • Find your medium for documenting the issues of walkability most important to you -sharing best practices you see, problems to solve etc. This could be a simple social media account or blog with photos you snap around your community. It could be using your voice for participation in local town halls & community meetings. Your medium might be organization itself and leading a local group in walkability advocacy.

We all have something to bring to the table and this is by no means an exhaustive list of ideas but just some to get the juices for participation & change flowing.

We look forward to developing much more content and writing around these themes and welcoming ideas as well.