GWCN chapters launching

Using our global connectivity to support local activity 👣 🌏 🌎 🌍

In January 2022, I established GWCN: Global Walkability Correspondents Network as a space for #walkability advocates worldwide to connect, share ideas & solidarity.

Entering the 3rd year of the chapter now, I love seeing the activity with local chapters being established.

Our weekly Network sessions devoted to organizational needs for chapter leads, hosted by Raluca Hurmuz and I are practical but also a truly sweet social spot in the week, with the typical international connectivity our network sessions bring.

I am excited to continuously spotlight our network members as local champions for walkability and healthy communities.

Lorenzo Mele and Carlos Ruiz are leading the way with a chapter in Toronto (Canada), also seeking to develop awareness of and connectivity between existing pedestrian-related and urban orgs.

Jamie Trufin in Phoenix (USA) established his chapter and hosted the chapter’s first organized walk last month, beginning at their local farmer’s market. Their chapter goal is ‘to integrate social dimensions, research initiatives and interactive walkshops’ to empower the community to identify & address barriers in walkability.

Divantha Ekanayake in Kandy (Sri Lanka) is committed to raising awareness of issues of sustainable mobility and urbanism for the local community through chapter activities. The chapter seeks to ‘explore Sri Lanka’s hill capital through an urban planning perspective’ & encourage & involve locals who want to get involved in solutions for a better urban environment.

Nahom Teklu is currently studying in the UK but is remotely establishing a chapter in his home city Addis Abeba (Ethiopia), using the chapter further to generate the practice of urban walking and sustainable urbanism.

Cori Dahl recently relocated to Chicago (USA) and has a newly established chapter that seeks to ‘advocate for accessible, equitable & safe walkability throughout all of Chicago and its neighborhoods through workshops, walks and activities.’

Read more about chatpers and chapter leads at the GWCN main page

Omer KILIC, MSc is establishing a chapter in Gaziantep (Turkey), part of an earthquake-prone region that recently suffered quake damage. Their chapter seeks to “Empower communities to thrive through the promotion of accessible, safe, and pedestrian-friendly environments, enhance walkability in urban areas, fostering healthier lifestyles, equitable access to public spaces and sustainable, connected communities.”

Merve Özhan, one of the GWCN: Global Walkability Correspondents Network facilitators, based in Istanbul (Turkey) will be helping to oversee chapter activity across the country and Ayse Umay Gezer, new to the network, is already planning to launch a chapter in Mersin (Turkey).

Misha Mittal, based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) has been steadfast pioneering a local walking movement there, with a rapidly growing chapter of locals meeting for walks!

-Annika, Founder at Pedestrian Space