Community Gardening in Kraków

In May 2022, we visited a community garden managed by ZZM Kraków in interest to learn more about this important neighborhood initiative.

Information about the program below.

All photos by Annika Lundkvist // Pedestrian Space

The School of Urban Gardeners is an education program for people who want to farm in the city. This project was created under the Civic Budget of the City of Kraków.

As part of it, meetings were organized, the topics of which are conducive to expanding theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge about gardening.

The topics of the workshops are selected in such a way as to provide the participants with knowledge in the fullest possible way, which will allow them to be involved in the creation of municipal gardens, i.e. places that fulfill both recreational functions and social functions important for the local community.

Meetings always occur in the same place – Ogród Osiedlowy Siemaszki, from 9 am to 12:30 pm.

Any locals can take part and the workshops are free. It is only required that interested participants fill out a form.