Chennai City Walkability Rating with Gautam Balagopola

Excerpt from chat with Gautam Balagopola in which we do a Walkability rating for his city of residence, Chennai.

We also discussed his background as a transportation designer, how he fell in love with urban design, his realization about how important transportation issues are for quality of life, his perspective that cities should and could be utopic and more.

We are also very happy to be welcoming Gautam as a Chennai Walkability Correspondent to our Global Walkability Correspondents Network!

Gautam’s scores for Chennai today:

Walkability: 4

PT: 6/7

Cycle Friendliness: 2/3

Gautam is a systems-thinker, designer and urban mobility enthusiast from the coastal metropolis of Chennai near the southern tip of India. He strongly believes that, in order for cities to become truly resilient and positive places to live in, we need to move away from our cultural dependence on the automobile and work on strengthening more accessible modes of transportation like walking, bicycling, public transit and various forms of shared mobility. He believes in wielding empathy & storytelling as powerful tools for urban transformation and is always curious to learn more about behavioral science & marketing.

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