Pedestrian Space is currently based in Poland & works with an international perspective

Photo: Planty Park, Kraków (Autumn 2021)

Pedestrian Space is a media, research and advocacy platform dedicated to issues related to walkability & sustainable urbanism

From its inception in early 2021, pedestrianspace.org has been dedicated to issues of walkability, sustainable urbanism and a myriad of related themes including mental, emotional and physical health related to public space and movement, quality of life issues related to walkable environments, safe, affordable, quality public transportation, issues of social equity, multi-generational access to and enjoyment of quality urban life and more.

I founded the site as I have a deep personal and professional interest in these issues. I have experienced firsthand (in multiple regions) how a lack of walkability can negatively affect life experience and conversely, how truly walkable environments can be engaging, enjoyable and truly habitable for all ages.

Partnerships, invesments and collaborations are important for the growth of Pedestrian Space as a truly global resource for issues of walkability.

Photographer by nature and profession, you will find many of my own images on the pages of Pedestrian Space. My introduction to urbanism as a young adult in 2000 occurred simultaneously to my beginnings as a photographer and I have been visually documenting cities and pedestrian activity ever since.

But the true heart of Pedestrian Space is not my images or words, but rather a spirit of collaboration, a spirit of openness, a spirit of advocacy and the realization that the development of truly walkable, livable cities is a collective and continuous effort.

Vision for future developments at Pedestrian Space include:

· expanded coverage of pedestrian initiatives & projects

· features on walkability advocates worldwide

· youth engagement in media & content creation·

· publication (digital & print) on walkabilty & sustainable urban mobility with special thematic focus each issue

Thus far, this platform has been a purely volunteer effort as well as a one-woman show (in terms of site management, interviewing, editing and content creation and organization).

Partnerships, alliances and collaborations are vital for the growth of Pedestrian Space as an accessible, informative and inspiring hub for issues of walkability.

The ‘Readers & Collaborators Talk‘ page gives a brief look at some of the feedback received this year on the site. The site was established from the very beginning to function as a hub for global issues related to walkability as well as to be engaging for a broad reach of readers including fellow walkability and sustainable urban mobility advocates, think tanks and research institutes, municipal agencies and leadership, governments and like-minded organizations.

Finally, it has been important from day one that the platform should be accessible and engaging for the general public and stimulate thought and dialogue on issues of walkability that affect us all.

I look forward to continuing to develop Pedestrian Space towards being the truly global resource that it was established to be.

Please feel free to write if you are interested in discussing investment in the growth of ‘Pedestrian Space’, partnership or collaboration.

You may also contact me via Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.